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RIB Strip by Golf Works


The GolfWorks Rib Pack allows you to correctly align and easily install a rib inside any golf grip creating a “reminder” that will guarantee correct and consistent hand placement on every club in your bag.


Pre-installing the rib onto the golf shaft allows for the grip logo to be installed in any position (logo up or logo down) depending on the golfers preference. Each rib is .035” thick which is slightly less than the USGA .040” maximum allowable rib thickness. 


Simply set the face angle into the required position while inserted into a grip clamp and install the plug with the center alignment stripe at 90º.


Peel the paper from the back of the rib to expose the adhesive and attach the rib onto the butt end of the golf shaft.


Each rib features a printed alignment line to further ensure the rib is installed correctly. Each rib is .035” thick, .25” wide and 9” in length.




  • Grip ribs ensure consistent hand placement on every club
  • Rib can be placed at any position on the shaft allowing for strong, neutral or week grip positions
  • Grip logos can be positioned up or down with rib installed
  • .035" thickness is close to but not exceeding USGA limit of .040"
  • Rib can be installed in any rubber/cord, undersize, standard and oversize grip.
  • Much easier to install correctly vs. ribbed grips


Golf Works Rib Strip

AU$2.70 Regular Price
AU$2.43Sale Price

Two shipping options are provided upon checkout.


Australia Post/Courier - 3/7 Days - $8.90


  • Courier used for Metro Areas and major city centres (2 -4 days) 
  • Australia Post Letter and Parcel Service used for country areas (2-9 days)
  • Tracking number confirmation sent upon dispatch for all services except letter service.


Australia Post Express - 2/3 Days - $12.50


  • Metro Area (2 day Australia Post Guarantee)
  • Tracking number confirmation sent upon dispach

NZ & International Shipping - 7/14 Days - $20.00


  • AUD$20 Flat Rate (regardless of qty/weight)



*Please note our warehouse is not setup to offer a pick up service.

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